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      The innovative design concept of laboratory decoration provides many customers with reasonable and feasible solutions for constant temperature and humidity laboratory construction.
      1. The floor and stair surface of the laboratory room and walkway shall be solid and wear-resistant, waterproof and antiskid, free from dust and dust accumulation; the wall surface shall be smooth and clean, free from glare, moisture, dust and dust accumulation; the ceiling shall be smooth and clean, free from glare, dust and dust accumulation.
      2. The laboratory floor with strong acid and alkali shall be acid and alkali resistant; the laboratory floor with large water consumption shall be equipped with floor drain.
      3. Laboratories that need to be cleaned, disinfected or dustproof regularly shall have integral waterproof finish on the floor, wall and ceiling. Between the wall and the wall, between the wall and the ground, between the wall and the ceiling, a half round with a radius of not less than 0.05m should be made. The protruding building components and exposed pipes shall be reduced indoors. Similarly, the unnecessary protruding objects in the interior shall be reduced as far as possible in the design of white iron ventilation engineering, so as to be concise and beautiful.
      4. Ceiling is not suitable for constant temperature and humidity room.
      5. For the space with ceiling and no strict sealing requirements, the movable plate ceiling should be used.
      2、 Installation and maintenance structure and decoration requirements
      2、 安装维护结构及装修要求
      1. The main laboratory decorated by constant temperature and humidity laboratory should be arranged in the corner beside the laboratory. The entrance and exit of personnel shall be limited by sealed doors, the rooms with cleaning requirements shall be set in places with less interference of personnel, and the auxiliary rooms shall be set outside. Considering the operation process of microbial test, the detection room is adjacent to the washing and disinfection room and the culture room, so as to facilitate the separation of * * * and logistics. In order to control the access of personnel (* *), only one sealed door is set to enter the main clean area of the microbiology laboratory, and the operators enter the logistics corridor and then enter the preparation room, and enter the operation area through the first change room and buffer room respectively; they enter the local level 100 environmental laboratory through the dressing room, wind shower room and buffer room. Logistics is realized by six delivery windows.
      2. The theme frame of constant temperature and humidity chamber is color steel plate glass interval, and the color is hoarse white. In addition, most of the partition plates used in the installation of the cold storage project are color steel plates, but they are different from the specifications of the constant temperature and humidity laboratory. The glass thickness between the constant temperature and humidity rooms is generally 8mm. In order to avoid dust accumulation, r25mm aluminum alloy arc line pressing is used for the window materials; The inner side of all two-dimensional joints shall be made of r50mm aluminum alloy inner fillet, and the outer side of the exposed two-dimensional connection shall be made of r100mm aluminum alloy outer corner; the three-dimensional connection of color steel plate shall be made of three-dimensional contact transition, and the color steel plate and the wall corner shall be made of aluminum alloy groove on the ground. Ceiling information is also color steel plate. The above ground of microbial detection room is epoxy resin data, which is seamless, corrosion-resistant, flat, simple and clean. The ground foot line is decorated with internal aluminum, beautiful and tight. The whole constant temperature and humidity chamber has been scientifically described and carefully constructed to form a sterile appearance and inner shell of consolidated, seamless, smooth, beautiful, non reflective, dust free, rust free, moisture-proof, functional. Labels: schemes
      Constant temperature and humidity laboratory decoration
      3、 Problems in decoration construction of constant temperature and humidity laboratory
      3、 恒温恒湿韦德1946最新网站施工中的几个问题
      1. Improper selection of air conditioner
      There are many brands of common precision air conditioning, and the requirements for temperature and humidity are not high. The temperature fluctuation range is mostly ± 2 ℃, and the humidity fluctuation range is mostly ± 5%. For the constant temperature and humidity laboratory with higher requirements for temperature and humidity, the common precision air conditioning obviously cannot meet the use requirements, so it is necessary to select the high precision constant temperature and humidity air conditioning with higher requirements.
      2. Environmental partition
      The heat exchange with the outside world is the most important factor that affects the temperature
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