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  • PCR实验室和P2实验室得我区别标准在哪?
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    一、PCR韦德1946最新网站标准 (PCR实验室建设所需资料)
    1、 Decoration standard of PCR Laboratory (data required for PCR laboratory construction)
    Gene amplification laboratory decoration design is a professional design and decoration project (PCR laboratory planning and Design). The design of gene amplification laboratory usually has four zones: reagent storage and preparation area, specimen preparation area, accounting amplification area and product analysis area. These four zones do not need to be connected together, and they must be completely independent in physical space. No matter in space or in use, each area should be in a completely separated state, and there is no direct connection of air.
    Pressure control in the functional area of gene amplification laboratory
    ① 压力梯度更好在10Pa及以上
    ① The best pressure gradient is 10Pa and above
    ② 两种控制方式:系统控制和排风功率变化。
    ② Two control modes: system control and exhaust power change.
    The system control means that the pressure control of four rooms should be started and stopped at the same time; the exhaust control means that the exhaust pipe should be branched, otherwise the air flow will flow backward when the laboratory is shut down, causing pollution.
    二、P2韦德1946最新网站标准  (韦德1946最新网站设计)
    2、 P2 laboratory decoration standard (laboratory decoration design)
    P2 laboratory refers to the laboratory with biosafety protection reaching the second level. For the decoration design of biological secondary laboratory, the laboratory should be divided into three areas, namely: clean area, operation area, sterile area.
    1. Clean area
    The clean area of P2 laboratory usually consists of four parts: office, rest room, medium preparation room and reagent storage room. Note: it is forbidden to bring the bacterial test specimen into the clean area
    2. Operation area
    The operation area should be reflected in 7 aspects, namely: pollutant treatment, water source, temperature and humidity, ventilation, power supply, light and tidiness.
    ① 污染物处理:要配备处理污染物品的消毒缸,剩余的标本及带菌平板、试管要集中放置,经过毒灭菌处理后再洗涤或丢弃。
    ① Pollutant treatment: it is necessary to equip a disinfection tank for the treatment of contaminated articles. The remaining samples, plates and test tubes with bacteria should be placed in a centralized way, and then washed or discarded after toxic sterilization.
    ② 水源:操作区要配备处理标本、工作人员洗手用的水槽,且两者不能混用。
    ② Water source: the operation area should be equipped with a sink for handling specimens and washing hands of staff, and the two should not be mixed.
    ③ 温度与湿度:为了达到合适的温度与湿度,操作区要配置相关空调系统。
    ③ Temperature and humidity: in order to achieve the appropriate temperature and humidity, the operation area should be equipped with relevant air conditioning system.
    ④ 通风:为了避免空气污染,操作区要配备通风系统。
    ④ Ventilation: in order to avoid air pollution, the operation area should be equipped with ventilation system.
    ⑤ 电源:具体来说,电源要稳压、恒频。如果仪器设备有特殊要求,可以配备不间断电源。
    ⑤ Power supply: to be specific, the power supply should be stable and constant frequency. If the instrument has special requirements, it can be equipped with ups.
    ⑥ 光线:实验项目需要充足的光线进行观察,所以操作区除了要配置常规照明灯外,操作台灯也是必不可缺的。
    ⑥ Light: the experimental project needs sufficient light for observation, so in addition to the conventional lighting in the operation area, the console lamp is also indispensable.
    ⑦ 整洁:想让操作区更加整洁,除了在P2韦德1946最新网站时要做好规划外,在日常使用中也有相关注意事项。如工作人员进入操作区前要换上洁净服,标本要由传递窗进出,实验项目的开始与结束都要进行消毒工作,做好每周的清洁工作。
    ⑦ Tidiness: in order to make the operation area more tidy, in addition to the P2 laboratory decoration to do a good job in the daily use of the relevant precautions. For example, before entering the operation area, the staff should change into clean clothes, the specimens should be sent in and out through the transfer window, and disinfection work should be carried out at the beginning and end of the experimental project, and the cleaning work should be done every week.
    3. Aseptic area
    The sterile area should be equipped with air filter and air conditioner, and only aseptic operation can be carried out, and no bacteria operation can be carried out. Before operation, the staff should change into clean clothes, special masks, hats and shoes. In addition, the sterile area is a completely closed environment. The entrance and exit of the sterile area should pass through two doors, with a buffer room and a transfer window.
    相信看了本文韦德国际1946手机版 的先容后,对这方面也会有自己的一番认识,以后针对的等问题也能很好的解决。
    Believe to read this article aseptic room decoration   After the introduction, we will have our own understanding of this aspect and solve the problems in the future.
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